A multidisciplinary artist

‘Aside from his work as a painter, Micheau-Vernez was interested in other artistic fields’

For him, drawing was a necessity; he did not scorn the discipline’s most demanding approach but drew nudes imbued with a great dignity. pluri_mv6

Nude laying on her side, pastels, 1968 – 50 x 65 cm

The Grand Condé at Rocroy – ink, 1934

The Wolf and the Stork – ink, 1938
In his illustrations, he let his fertile imagination roam freely. A talented draftsman, he illustrated history books, La Fontaine’s fables, books on Brittany.

Gouache color, 1987 – 60 x 38 cm

Gouache color, 1983 – 65 x 48

Around 1952
His posters, always original, are models of the genre.

Bigouden Woman in Traditional Costume
Faïence, 1947 – 60 x 34 x 30 cm

Ceramic dish, 1960
diamètre 51 cm

Woman from Fouesnant
1958 – 62 x 28 x 26 cm
Over several periods between 1930 and 1960, he experimented with a manual approach to sculpture, creating some 140 statuettes and dishes which were reproduced in ceramics and painted with his designs and decorations by the Henriot Manufacture in Quimper.

St-Michel-en-Grève church
Stained glass 1955

Orthodox Icon – 1985

Orthodox Icon – 1970
In his quest for an absolute in aesthetics, he was naturally attracted to sacred and religious art. He created a few stained glass windows, decorations, illustrations, paintings, and even some orthodox church icons in paints or beaten copper.