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Other linked sites to discover:
  • jacqueline-duroc.blogspot.fr JACQUELINE DUROC ‚Äď DOCTOR OF ART HISTORY, LECTURER AND PROFESSOR at the Free Time University. Information about new exhibitions.
  • faiencedequimper.blogspot.com Quimper, Ceramics, Artists… The purpose of this blog is to create a link between amateurs, fans or simply casual enquirers. Current events, exhibitions, books, discoveries…
  • www.port-musee.org Douarnenez… Seagoing cultures and societies, in Brittany and throughout the world.
  • www.editionsreinette.com : La Reinette publishing company, its art books and its magazine « Maine-D√©couverte ».
  • www.fonderiedartbronze.com – In King Morvan’s ancient fief, B√©n√©dicte de Peslo√ľan’s bronze art foundry magnifies works of art by the magic of fire.


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